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Fashion Production and Creative Enterprise Course (FPCE)

FPCE103 will be a residential school on garment design and production. It will be held in Sheffield, UK.


Dates of the FPCE103 courses we're offering:​

  • Course dates: 19th April - 2nd May 2022 (CLOSED)

To find out more about the FPCE103 school, please read our information flyer. Information about our FPCE courses can also be found below.

Click the application form to apply or for more information, please contact us at

Begin your entrepreneurial fashion journey today!





In this course expect to be trained in garment and textiles craft production and enterprise development to set up your own fashion and textiles business! The course is set to run for a total of 12 weeks. 

We will be delivering the course through both classroom and online learning. 

You will receive taught sessions on the module content and work alongside a tutor weekly to apply these concepts to develop your own business ideas.

Module content

The course if offered from levels 1 to 3 to support those with budding ideas through to those who have been pondering and working on their business ideas for many years.

Content includes:

- International Fashion Retail & Marketing including Enterprise Development Skills

- Circular Economy Brand Planning 

- Production of a Range of Textile Craft items

- Basic Garment Production, Digital Pattern Construction, Digital Grading and Manual Lay Planning

The first masterclass was delivered from 27-29 July 2020, 15:00 CEST.  

The second dates for the first masterclass ran from 19th August - 2nd September 2020, 13:00 CEST and we have now concluded FPCE101.

We have now concluded FPCE102 masterclasses which we delivered from the 25th November to 9th December 2020.

You must take all 3 levels of the course to complete the course and create a business. However you may also choose to participate in any of the levels independently for which you will receive certification.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard and progressing together to create your very own Creative Enterprise!


What to expect from your first Masterclass

To begin your journey we will be running through an induction. This will give us a chance to learn a little bit about you and you a chance to learn a little bit more about the course and each other.

We will then delve into a Professional and Personal development module where you can set out your goals and envision your path to reach them. This module also includes a learning visit.

The final module of this masterclass is Level 1 Fashion and Marketing. Here you will be given an insight into the fashion industry environment, the business of fashion, product design, marketing strategies and business structure.


After an induction, you will get to meet a group of like-minded people and learn more about the direction of the course. We will go into details of the Linear and Circular economy module where you will find inspiration to give waste a new life.


The following module includes Impacts, challenges and opportunities that we meet in the fashion industry, a vital module to help you successfully progress through your business journey. 

The final module of this masterclass is Benchmarking and Planning. Here you can learn how to create your own circular economy brand. 


Participants will learn garment production, digital pattern construction, digital grading and manual lay planning to equip them with technical and digital skills to produce garments and textile craft items.

We will teach learners how to use industry-standard digital software programs to create and design patterns and products and learners will have time to use programs including Gerber after their classes to develop their skills.

This course will be delivered over 2 weeks in the UK  and participants from our partner countries (Portugal & Sweden) will receive support to participate.


There is a selection process so please apply now if interested, all applications must be submitted in English. Please note that a £100 or €100 refundable deposit is payable if selected.

FPCE103 Course dates:

  • 18th August - 28th August 2021

  • 30th August - 10th September 2021

  • 18th October - 29th October 2021 (FULL)

  • 19th April - 2nd May 2022 (CLOSED)

Course structure:

The school will consist of four modules:

  • Digital pattern construction using Gerber 

  • Digital grading 

  • Manual lay planning 

  • Garment construction

Students from partner countries (Sweden, Portugal) must attend the full course. For self-funded students from other countries, minimum attendance is one full module.

Story Time

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

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